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beatles party

Beatles party

Nine song titles on the invitation...can you spot them all?

Nine song titles on the invitation…can you spot them all?


Beatles birthday party

To welcome our guests…kind of dumb, I know, but it makes me laugh.

Beatles party decorations

Hello, boys. Aren’t you all looking handsome tonight?

Beatles party

An Etsy print and a collection of Beatles music.

Beatles party

*Pictogram to solve while waiting for all the guests to arrive. Can you figure out which songs are represented? The winner gets a prize!

Beatles party decorations

Lesser known photos we found online, such as Paul having tea on a train and the Fab Four at the Eiffel Tower.


beatles party

HELP album inspired party favor bags.



Penny Lane penny rolls I designed for prizes and favors.


Beatles party

Beatles journals I stitched up for party guests.


Beatles party

Beatles party

We all live in a yellow submarine…


Beatles party table

Beatles party

Strawberry fields forever!


Beatles party

Who is who?

The girl who is quite possibly the world’s biggest Beatles fan just celebrated her eleventh birthday in a very Fab Four sort of way.  This party has been a long time in the making.  About six months ago, the idea of a Beatles birthday party popped into my head, and Hannah’s reaction to my idea was a big smile, big eyes, and a big YES!  Since then, she and I have been churning out ideas and writing them down on our master “BEATLES PARTY IDEAS” list. The goal was to make it fun and Beatles-ish without breaking the bank, and I think it was a success!

First, I incorporated as many Beatles songs as I could into the invitation, and printed them out myself. Brightly colored decorations were inspired by the Sgt. Pepper album, and I cut black cardstock records to hang from the ceiling, complete with the Apple Records label.  We put up Hannah’s Beatles posters, pulled out her postcards and vinyl albums, and printed and framed lesser known Beatles photos we found online.  Hannah has the framed photos on her dresser now, so she can swoon over them whenever she pleases.

I made the big menu poster so the girls would see the connection between the Beatles songs and the food. Everything was relatively simple…just pizza and soda, chocolate dipped strawberries, a bowl of green apples to represent the Apple record label, Fudge Stripe cookies turned on their backs to resemble vinyl records, and Twinkie* yellow submarines decorated with Skittles and straws, and Swedish fish swimming about on the platter. The trickiest part was decorating these cupcakes with the Beatles’ faces, but they turned out okay…? And of course we were blasting Beatles music all through dinner!

On to the activities! Hannah and I came up with a Beatles playlist and corresponding prizes for a game of “Name That Tune.” We gave the girls a split second to hear each song and whoever named it first won the prize (although after two prizes they had to let the others have a go at winning). I was amazed at how quickly some of the girls named the songs…Hannah has trained her friends well! Here is our playlist and what we did for little prizes:

Come Together – Hershey’s bar with the Abbey Road photo wrapped around it
I Feel Fine – Sugar Babies (“Baby’s good to me you know, she’s happy as can be you know!”)
Penny Lane – Two penny rolls
Paperback Writer – Cute pencil and matching eraser
Mr. Postman – Cute pencil and matching eraser
Strawberry Fields – pack of strawberry gum
I Want to Hold Your Hand – nail polish
Octopus Garden – packet of Swedish Fish
I Want Money – one bill of Beatles play money
Taxman – one bill of Beatles play money
You Never Give Me Your Money – one bill of Beatles play money
Can’t Buy Me Love – one bill of Beatles play money
Twist and Shout – small package of Twizzlers
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window – cute travel packages of Kleenex tissue
All My Lovin’ – roll of Sweethearts candy
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – package of ‘pepper’mint gum
Boys – Ring Pop (since RINGo wrote this one)
Across the Universe – package of Starburst candy
Here Comes the Sun – small bag of Sunchips
Golden Slumbers – eye mask from the dollar spot at Target
Yellow Submarine – packet of Swedish Fish

We had a few extra prizes left, so the girls played Hot Potato with Beatles music until all the prizes were gone. Other activities we considered doing was making cardboard guitars like these, or painting yellow submarines, however, we just didn’t have time. Instead, the girls drummed, strummed and sang their little hearts out to Beatles Rock Band, and finished off the night by watching one of the funniest movies ever made, HELP.  If you have never seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it.

For the party favors, I printed paper sacks with an image from HELP, and filled them with Beatles buttons, stickers, Penny Lane penny rolls (see below for free printable!), and “RINGo” Pops.  Some other possible prizes and/or party favors would be these adorable music boxes. They really do make a great little gift for any Beatles fan.My girls are working on collecting all of the Beatles songs available. You could also do Beatles posters, magnets, or tote bags (all very inexpensive on The list is endless, and it really just depends on your party budget. Another fun shopping site is

This was by far the most fun party we’ve ever hosted, and I think we may do it again for another little Beatles fan in a year or two.


For you! pennylanelabel (simply cut and tape around penny rolls) and beatlesjournalcover
*Beatles pictogram can be found here.
*Although Hostess Twinkies are no longer available, most grocery stores offer similar store brand versions.

hello goodbye

DSC_9001vintagelogo DSC_9046logo  DSC_9213logo DSC_9277logo DSC_9302logo DSC_9328logoHello, hello! 

Here you see two of the world’s BIGGEST Beatles fans.  They can sing all the words to any song, and Hannah even knows each of the Fab Four’s birthdays (among other trivia!).  I thought it would be fitting to have them wear their favorite Beatles tees for their sister session this summer.

I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello!

a good cleaning

It had been wayyyy too long since we’d seen the dentist, so finally the day arrived to get those pearly whites a good cleaning. I packed the kids into the minivan, dropped Olivia off with my sister Erika, and hit the freeway. Hannah thought it would be a good idea to read in the car, and I should have know better than to let her.
She was in the front seat next to me and within minutes she muttered, “Mom, I’m carsick.” I turned on the cold air, full blast.
“Does that help? Just look straight ahead.” She looked super pale.
We were zipping along in the far left lane when she announced in a panic, “I’m gonna throw up!”
“Aaah! Open your window! I can’t pull over!”
Cars were everywhere to the right of me, and I was smack up against a cement barricade on the left. Hannah stuck her head out her window and let loose. The car behind us switched on their windshield wipers…I’m so sorry! The wind violently whipped a fine mist of vomit back into the car, and all of us were enveloped in it.
“Mom! Pull over! Make her stop! I’M SERIOUS!!” Ben was FREAKING out, so angry in the back seat. Nina plugged her nose and looked like she was going to cry. Will slept. I laughed so hard I was afraid I might crash, my eyes were blurred with tears. I had to call someone, this was just too funny not to share. So I called Erika and I could barely talk because I was laughing so hard…I managed to squeak out what happened. I literally cried off all my mascara.
Hannah finally sat down, defeated, with a grumpy frown and a pale complexion. There was puke all over her sweatshirt, all over her hair, and I don’t even want to think about what her breath smelled like. AAAAH! We are going to the dentist! Right up close and personal. She was so mad at me for laughing.
When we got there she took off her sweatshirt and left it in the stinky van. I did my best to rinse her hair out in the bathroom sink and twist it into a bun. I gave her some gum, and cleaned all the mascara from my face. I felt like telling everyone in the dentist office, “We don’t normally look or smell this bad.”
Not only did the kids’ teeth get a good cleaning, but so did the minivan. We hit the carwash immediately after leaving the dentist and took care of lots of interior cleaning at home.
P.S. My little sweet-toothed Nina had 3 cavaties.
My wallet feels pretty empty. Where’s the tooth fairy when you need her? I wish she’d leave some money under MY pillow.