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superhero birthday party

super hero party invitation

Come to our party!

superhero partysuperhero partysuperhero partysuperhero partysuperhero partysuperhero partysuperhero partyDSC_6800web superhero partysuperhero partysuperhero partyiron mansuperhero partyDSC_6846websuperhero partysuperhero party

superhero party

Easy party craft…paper plate Captain America shields!

superhero party

Little heroes creating their super shields.

superhero party

Part of our superhero training–toss the Kryptonite through the hoop.

superhero party

Another part of superhero training–”Hulk-smash” the city.

superhero partysuperhero partysuperhero party

superhero party

Will is three!

superhero party

superhero party

I was going to label these Kryptonite, but remembered that Kryptonite is a bad thing…

superhero party

A peek inside the treat bags.

superhero party

Treat bags for all the superheroes as they fly home.

My little superhero has been “planning” this party for months on his own, telling me that the cake should be a red heart with Avengers stickers all around the sides and a toy Nick Fury on top.  I didn’t quite do that, but his cute little ideas definitely helped inspire this party.

For the invitations, I put to use the goods from this photo session and tried my best to put it all together in Photoshop (links below for fonts and graphics).  I really wanted it to look like it came out of a comic book.  What do you think?

The decorations were pretty simple to pull together, really.  Enough white butcher paper to cover the table, some bright cups, plates, stripey straws, and some nicely designed Iron Man napkins.  I wrapped every smallish-sized box in the house (including boxes of pasta, with pasta still inside) with more butcher paper, and glued yellow “windows” to create skyscrapers.  The windows aren’t exactly straight, but hey, I was in a hurry (as always).  I loved Will’s idea of putting a toy superhero on the cake, so not only did we do that, but we scattered them all over our table cityscape as well.  Heroes are always in the city, fighting crime, right?  I found “BANG” and “POW” graphics online to add a little pop to the scene.  At the last minute, I had the idea to put some newspaper on the table since Clark Kent and Peter Parker work for the newspaper, but since I don’t subscribe and I was out of time, I had very little to work with.  My son, Ben, however found a great newspaper article he had stashed away that featured Spidey.  Perfect!  We had Hulk stomp through the grapes, and Iron Man protect the strawberries from any bad guys.

Of course, I had to include tissue paper pom-poms…what’s a party without them?  So I had some red and aqua blue ones floating over the table.  Since my husband loves superheroes as much as Will does, we happened to have a couple framed prints to hang on the wall, which I personalized with a comic-style speech bubble.  Then I added a few blasts of yellow stars to finish off the wall.  The console table in the other room was covered with superhero books and masks.

What do you feed little superheroes?  Captain America star-shaped watermelon, Hulk grapes, popcorn, pretzels, Iron Man strawberries, raspberry sherbet and a patriotic cake (topped with toy superheroes and other fun things).

Since our party guests were just little guys, I had to think of a very simple craft for them to work on as we waited for everyone to arrive.  Hey, how about super shields made from paper plates?  Yes!  I stapled a strip of red elastic onto the back side for a handle, and then provided a pile of superhero stickers for them to plaster all over their shields.  Success!  They loved it, and it was nice that they could do it on their own while I was answering the door.

Superhero Training was next.  Each hero had to display their shield throwing skills, toss “Kryptonite” through a hoop, and detonate bombs (black water balloons).  They “Hulk-smashed” the “city” with big, green fists, and shot down a bad guy (a Loki figurine) with “webs” (Silly String).  When their training was complete, each one received a gold medal to show off their bravery.

We always end birthday parties with the “fishing pond.”  Kids love it!  Old-fashioned games are the best.  Wooden dowels with strings and clothespins attached are the “fishing poles.”  We cover the railing with a blanket so the kids can’t see into the pond, and they fish over the railing for a surprise.  My older kids sit on the stairs below and help the little kids catch a treat bag to take home.  Inside the treat bags there were patriotic butter mints from the party store (perfect for Captain America!), blue Hershey’s kisses “bombs”, red licorice “laser lassos,” and “anti-Kryptonite” rock candy sticks (because Kryptonite is a bad thing for Superman…this builds his immunity to it).

Such a fun day, watching Will soaking up every minute of his dream party.  I hope this gives you lots of inspiration for your own superhero party!

P.S.  Fonts I used for the invitation and decorations found here and here.  Here are the PNG files I found for the yellow explosion stars, BANG, BAM, POW, KA-POW, and speech bubbles one, two, and three.

avengers assemble!

Captain America and Thor Captain America and ThorCaptain America and ThorCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaCaptain AmericaNotice that little poof of hair waving to you above the mask?  Makes me laugh.

Iron Man and Spiderman

I am Iron Man!

I am Iron Man!

I love how I can see that they are laughing beneath the masks.

I love how I can see that they are laughing beneath the masks.HulkDouble Hulk smash!


Keeping watch over Gotham City.

Keeping watch over Gotham City.

Little BatmanLittle BatmanThe Mighty ThorThorSpidermanDSC_0543web copySpidermanSpidermanSpidermanLittle Will has a serious superhero obsession.  I’ve been wanting to do some updated photos of him, and one day while driving around town the idea came to me…a superhero photo session!  Because why not?  You’re only two once.

I invited my sister Erika, because her little guy loves superheroes as well, and the more crime fighters in the city the better…in my opinion.

So there we were, Erika and I, with five little kids age five and under in tow, right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.  I wish I had taken photos of the passersby, because I think at first we surprised them, and then I think we completely made their day.  “Yeah, Captain America!” some cheered, and “It’s Batman!!” shouted others.

The best part of the session was when we strapped on the Hulk masks.  Those little boys ran like crazy dogs off their leashes!  My nephew fully tackled Olivia, they were yelling “Hulk smash!” and Will was so into his character that he actually punched himself in the face on purpose with a giant fist!  Erika was snapping away with her iPhone, but all I could do was try not to pee my pants laughing!

Here’s one action shot I did get of the little Hulk terrors:


The girls wanted to be a part of the session, so I did a few of them too:

SupergirlBaby SupergirlThor girl

Such a fun session–in fact, I’m tempted to go for round two!  I’ll keep you posted if I do.

My sister Erika–my partner in this craziness!

My sister Erika–proud supporter of my ridiculous ideas.